Taya Tan is a beautiful Japanese song from Pink Martini’s 2007 album “Hey, Eugene!”. It is originally recorded in 1969 by Saori Yuki, a Japanese singer, and actress.

Album version by Pink Martini (from the 2007 album “Hey, Eugene!”):

Pink Martini – Taya Tan

Saori Yuki version (1969):

Taya Tan – original version by Saori Yuki

Pink Martini perform “Taya Tan” from their album Hey Eugene!, live on the UK television program Later with Jools Holland.

Pink Martini performs “Taya Tan” live

Pink Martini perform “Taya Tan” with Saori Yuki live in Tokyo, Japan at Billboard Live. March 10, 2010

Pink Martini with Saori Yuki. “Taya Tan” live in Tokyo

Taya Tan Lyrics (translation)

Taya-tan, taya-tan, taya-tan
Oh! My excitement!
Taya-tan, taya-tan, taya-tan
My heart is singing
When I come close against your chest
I play a song of love

Taya-tan, taya-tan, taya-tan
I am a guitar
Taya-tan, taya-tan, taya-tan
I am the one you are playing

Taya-tan, taya-tan, taya-tan
Oh! My secret excitement!
Taya-tan, taya-tan, taya-tan
My heart flutters
When I dream with my eyes closed
The strings on my chest tremble

Taya-tan, taya-tan, taya-tan
I am a guitar
Taya-tan, taya-tan, taya-tan
I am the one you are playing

Saori Yuki

Saori Yuki was born as Akiko Yasuda on November 13, 1948, in Kiryū, Gunma, Japan and raised in Yokohama. She started her singing career with her older sister Sachiko as a child singer. In 1965 she debuted with the single “Hitchhike Musume (Hitchhiking girl)” on King Records (Japan) as Akiko Yasuda.

In 1969, she had a hit with “Yoake no Scat (Scat at dawn)”, which sold 1.5 million copies, which led her to sing at the NHK’s Kōhaku Uta Gassen, the annual year-end music show (after that she continued her appearance until 1978). She received the Best Vocalist Award at the 15th Japan Record Awards for her hit “Koibumi (Love Letter)”.

She quickly became a popular TV personality, appeared on a numbers of variety shows, and acted in several movies. She received the Award of Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in Japan Academy Prize in 1983 for her role of Chikako Numata, a mother of two difficult sons in The Family Game.

In 1985, she started appearing on stage again with her sister Sachiko. They toured around Japan with their specialty of Japanese children’s songs and received the Best Planning Award in 28th Japan Record Awards for their hit album Ano-toki, Kono-uta (“Those Times, These Songs”). Their repertoire has not been limited to children’s songs but included also pop, classical, and anime songs.

In 2009, she released her first original album since 1984, commemorating the 40th anniversary of her singing career as Saori Yuki. A collaboration album with Pink Martini titled 1969 was released in November 2011.

Read more about Saori Yuki on wiki.

Saori Yuki with Pink Martini
Saori Yuki with Pink Martini’s China Forbes and Thomas Lauderdale.


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