Piazzolla – Concerto for Bandoneón, Guitar and String Orchestra (“Hommage à Liege”)

Argentine tango composer, bandoneon player and arranger Astor Piazzolla’s Concerto for Bandoneón, Guitar and String Orchestra (“Hommage à Liege”). Orchestre de Paris conducted by Alondra de la Parra. Soloists: Richard Galliano (Bandoneón), Yamandu Costa (Guitar).

Ramírez – Alfonsina y el mar (Carreras)

Accompanied by Vienna Symphony Orchestra, José Carreras sings Alfonsina y el mar, a beautiful song composed by the famous Argentine composer, pianist and music director Ariel Ramírez. Lyrics by Félix Luna, the prominent Argentine writer, lyricist and historian. Published by EuroArts channel.

Piazzolla – Bandoneón Concerto “Aconcagua”

Accompanied by Das Kölner Rundfunk-Orchester, the Argentine tango composer, bandoneón player and arranger Astor Piazzolla (March 11, 1921 – July 4, 1992) performs his own Bandoneón Concerto “Aconcagua”. Conductor: Pinchas Steinberg.

Carreras sings Quando sento que mi ami (When you tell me that you love me) (Joan Manuel Serrat)

Spanish tenor José Carreras sings Quando sento que mi ami (When you tell me that you love me), a song written by the Catalan singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat (b. 1943). Carreras and the Vienna Symphony Orchestra perform at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. Published by the EuroArts channel.

Pavarotti sings Granada (Lara)

The legendary Italian tenor, Luciano Pavarotti sings Agustín Lara’s Granada, a song about the Spanish city of Granada written in 1932 by the Mexican composer. Conductor: Leone Magiera, the Italian pianist, and conductor. He was Luciano Pavarotti’s childhood friend and was his piano accompanist and the preferred conductor.

Ramírez – Misa Criolla (José Carreras and Mercedes Sosa versions)

Misa Criolla is the most famous work of the Argentine composer, pianist and music director Ariel Ramírez (4 September 1921 – 18 February 2010). The Misa, a mass for tenor, chorus and orchestra, is based on folk genres such as chacarera, carnavalito and estilo pampeano, with Andean influences and instruments. It is also one of …

Fritz Wunderlich sings Granada

The great German lyric tenor Fritz Wunderlich sings Granada, a song written in 1932 by Mexican composer Agustín Lara, in German. It was the fashion during Wunderlich’s career for German theaters to perform operas in the local rather than original language. Symphonie-Orchester Graunke conducted by Hans Carste. Munich, May 31, 1965.

Beniamino Gigli sings “La Paloma”

The most famous tenor of his generation, Beniamino Gigli (March 20, 1890 – November 30, 1957) sings “La Paloma” (English: the dove), a popular Spanish song which was composed and written by the Spanish composer from the Basque region Sebastián Iradier (aka Sebastián Yradier – 20 January 1809 – 6 December 1865) after he visited …