The great German lyric tenor Fritz Wunderlich sings Granada, a song written in 1932 by Mexican composer Agustín Lara, in German. It was the fashion during Wunderlich’s career for German theaters to perform operas in the local rather than the original language. Symphonie-Orchester Graunke conducted by Hans Carste. Munich, May 31, 1965.

Fritz Wunderlich sings Granada

Here is another version from 1965 too. SWR Radio Orchestra Kaiserslautern conducted by Emmerich Smola. November 10, 1965.

Fritz Wunderlich sings Granada

Agustín Lara’s Granada

“Granada” is a renowned song penned by the Mexican composer Agustín Lara in 1932. It serves as a heartfelt tribute to the Spanish city of Granada in Andalusia, depicting it as a place steeped in magic and romance. The lyrics beautifully extol Granada’s beauty, capturing its unique Moorish spirit, its iconic monuments, and its rich atmosphere.

Musically, the song blends elements of Spanish and Mexican traditions, such as the bolero with the operatic aria. This combination results in a piece that’s both melodiously captivating and powerfully rhythmic. Its profound appeal has led to its immense popularity, making it one of the most covered Latin songs over the years.

International artists spanning various musical genres, including the likes of Mario Lanza, Plácido Domingo, Frank Sinatra, and Luciano Pavarotti, have all been enchanted by its melody, leading to multiple renditions. The song’s fame has not only cemented its place in the annals of great music but has also made it an unofficial anthem for the city it celebrates. In the broader context, “Granada” symbolizes the cultural connection between Latin America and Spain and underscores the universal allure of music that knows no borders.



Kennt ihr Granada bei Nacht?

Es locken die Schönen mit zärtlichen Tönen — Granada.
Verliebte sie harren beim Klang der Gitarren — Granada.
Auch mir lacht die Eine beim spanischen Weine in lauschiger Nacht.
Ich halte sie selig umfangen und sie kennt mein heißes Verlangen das Brennen erwacht.
Es grüßen von Ferne die silberne Sterne – Granada.
Nun dämmert es wieder berauscht sind die Lieder – Granada.
Es schimmern im hellblauen Morgen herüber die Berge der Sierra Nevada.
Wenn über Granada der Tag erwacht und golden die Sonne lacht in strahlender Pracht.
Granada, Märchen aus uralter Zeit,
Deine Schönheit lockt wie vor vielen hundert Jahren noch heut.
Dieses Lied will ich für dich heut singen.
Dieses Lied soll dir zum Ruhm erklingen.
Kennt ihr Granada bei Nacht?
Es grüßen …
Kennt ihr Granada bei Nacht?

English translation

Do you know Granada by night?

Its beauties entice with sounds tender and nice — Granada.
Guitars are beguiling, all lovers are smiling — Granada.
I too found delight, so merry the night, with her Spanish wine.
Embracing with bliss her fiery kiss kindles this longing in me.
Each silvery star greets you from afar — Granada.
Through the night there is singing, more wine they are bringing — Granada.
Now shimmers the dawning, bright blue in the morning on hillsides of Sierra Nevada.
Then over Granada, the new day and sun pour gold down in bright streaming splendor.
Granada, you age-old fairy tale.
Your beauty, yet now, entices just as you have done so for hundreds of years.
This song will I sing for you today,
This song will bring forth your fame.
Do you know Granada by night?


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