Narciso Yepes performs Rodrigo’s Fantasía para un gentilhombre [1991]

Accompanied by the Orquesta Sinfónica de RTVE (Radio Televisión Española Symphony Orchestra), Spanish guitarist Narciso Yepes performs Joaquín Rodrigo’s Fantasía para un gentilhombre (English translation: Fantasia for a Gentleman). Conductor: Odón Alonso. Recorded in Madrid in 1991. A beautiful interpretation of the piece. Yepes is using his ten-string guitar in this performance.

Eliot Fisk and Paco Peña mini concert

Two masters of the guitar, Eliot Fisk, a great classical guitarist, and Paco Peña, one of the greatest flamenco guitarists ever: in a tiny concert presented by NPR Music, they’re playing two classical and two flamenco pieces. The repertoire here ranges from Baroque compositions by Bach and Domenico Scarlatti to present-day flamenco. And what happens …

Teresa Berganza sings “Anda Jaleo” by Federico García Lorca (Guitar: Narciso Yepes)

Anda Jaleo is probably the best remembered and the most frequently performed song of the many Spanish canciones (songs) compiled, arranged, recorded, and popularized by Federico García Lorca and La Argentinita. Here is the Teresa Berganza & Narciso Yepes version of the song: