Spanish classical guitarist Narciso Yepes plays “Romance Anónimo”, a lovely piece for classical guitar, also known as “Estudio en Mi de Rubira” (Study in E by Rubira), “Spanish Romance”, “Romance de España”, “Romance of the Guitar”, “Romanza” and “Romance d’Amour” among other names. Recorded in Japan in 1980.

Narciso Yepes plays Romance Anónimo

To anyone wondering what he said at 0:31, he said “This is the last piece.” (これが最後です。) in Japanese.

Romance Anónimo

The origins and the authorship of the piece are currently in question. It is suspected of originally being a solo instrumental guitar work, from the 19th century. It has variously been attributed to guitarists and composers Antonio Rubira, David del Castillo, Francisco Tárrega, Fernando Sor, Daniel Fortea, Miguel Llobet, Antonio Cano, Vicente Gómez, and Narciso Yepes.

The Anónimo (anonymous) part of its name has been incorporated over the years due to this uncertainty.

The style of the piece is that of the Parlour music (a type of popular music which, as the name suggests, is intended to be performed in the parlors of middle-class homes by amateur singers and pianists) of the late 19th century in Spain or South America, having a closed three-part form: the first in the minor key and the second being in the major key, with the third being a restatement of the first.


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