Dowland: In Darkness Let Me Dwell [Jaroussky, Garcia]

French countertenor Philippe Jaroussky and the Franco-Spanish classical guitarist Thibaut Garcia perform “In darkness let me dwell”, a beautiful song ascribed to the lutenist and composer John Dowland (1563-1626). Published in 1610, late in Dowland’s career, the song shows the influence of Italian music of the early Baroque.

Bach/Gounod: Ave Maria [Elsa Dreisig, soprano, Thibaut Garcia, guitar]

Accompanied by the Franco-Spanish classical guitarist Thibaut Garcia, French-Danish operatic soprano Elsa Dreisig sings Ave Maria, a popular and much-recorded setting of the Latin prayer Ave Maria. The piece consists of a melody by the French Romantic composer Charles Gounod that he superimposed over only a very slightly changed version of Bach’s Prelude No. 1 …

Philippe Jaroussky and Thibaut Garcia: Les feuilles mortes [Autumn Leaves]

French countertenor Philippe Jaroussky and the Franco-Spanish classical guitarist perform Les feuilles mortes, by the Hungarian-French composer Joseph Kosma (22 October 1905 – 7 August 1969), with French lyrics by Jacques Prévert (4 February 1900 – 11 April 1977), the French poet and screenwriter. The piece is known in the English-speaking world as “Autumn Leaves”.

Piazzolla: “Primavera Porteña” [Guitar & Arrangement: Marco Salcito]

Italian classical guitarist Marco Salcito plays “Primavera Porteña” from the Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas, also known as the Estaciones Porteñas or The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, a set of four tango compositions by the Argentine tango composer, bandoneon player, and arranger Astor Piazzolla. (Buenos Aires Spring). Arrangement: Marco Salcito.