An early music concert: Folies d’Espagne – conducted by Jordi Savall, international early music ensemble Hespèrion XXI performs folias from Spain. La Folía (Spanish), also folies d’Espagne (French), Follies of Spain (English) or Follia (Italian), is one of the oldest remembered European musical themes, or primary material, generally melodic, of a composition, on record.

Folies d’Espagne (Hespèrion XXI, Jordi Savall)


  1. Danzas Moriscas & Músicans & la Diaspora Sefardi
    1. Alba
    2. A la una yo naci
    3. Danza de las espadas
    4. Moresca ~ Danza ritual
  2. Diego Ortiz: Folias & Romanescas
    1. La Spagna
    2. Passamezzo antico I
    3. Folia IV
    4. Ruggiero IX
    5. Romanesca VII
    6. Passamezzo moderno II
    7. Anonymous: Tarantela
  3. Glosados & Improvisaciones
    1. Francisco Arrauxo; 3 glosas “todo el mundo en general”
    2. Antonio Valente: Gallarda Napolitana
    3. Antonio Martin y Coll: Diferencias sobre las Folias
    4. Anonymous: Canarios
  4. Encore:
    1. Anoymous: La folia

Jordi Savall, Arianna Savall, Rolf Lislevand, Pedro Estevan, and Adela Gonzales-Campa.

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