Schindler’s List Main Theme (Cello: Tina Guo)

Chinese cellist Tina Guo plays the Main Theme of Schindler’s List; a 1993 American historical period drama, directed and co-produced by Steven Spielberg and scripted by Steven Zaillian. Tina Guo, Cello; Bryan Pezzone, Piano. Director of Photography: Joel Moody; Director, Producer, Editor: Tina Guo.

Music from the movies “In The Mood For Love”, “Hero” and “2046”

Three beautiful pieces from three different movies. The video is titled “In The Mood For Love Music Video”, but the first piece is actually “Adagio” from the Wong Kar-wai movie titled 2046, and the last piece is the main theme of the Chinese film “Hero” by Zhang Yimou. Clips are from the Wong Kar-wai movie “In […]