Argentine pianist Martha Argerich and the Brazilian classical pianist Nelson Freire perform Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Suite No. 2, Op. 17, a composition for two pianos, which was composed in Italy in the first months of 1901. Recorded in Tokyo in October 2003.

Argerich, Freire – Rachmaninoff – Suite No 2, Op 17

After his highly unsuccessful first symphony, Rachmaninoff did not produce anything for four years. This suite, like his 2nd Piano Concerto, came after that period. It was first performed on November 24, 1901, at a concert of the Moscow Philharmonic Society, by the composer himself and his cousin Alexander Siloti (9 October 1863, near Kharkiv – 8 December 1945, New York City), the Ukrainian pianist, conductor, and composer).

The four movements are:

  1. Introduction (Alla marcia, in C major)
  2. Valse (Presto, in G major)
  3. Romance (Andantino, in A flat major)
  4. Tarantelle (Presto, in C minor)


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