Countertenor Kaan Buldular and classical guitarist Hande Cangökçe perform French baroque era composer Michel Lambert’s “Ombre de Mon Amant” (English: Shadow of my beloved). Arrangement for guitar: Hande Cangökçe.

Hande Cangökçe is a Turkish classical guitarist and Kaan Buldular is a Turkish countertenor. They both graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory.

Hande Cangökçe

Hande Cangökçe
Hande Cangökçe

Associate Professor Hande Cangökçe graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory. She completed her license and Master’s degree and got her Certificate of Sufficiency studying under Bekir Küçükay. Then she qualified for the “Guitar for Soloists” program of Académie supérieure de musique of Strasbourg conservatory. She studied classical guitar with Susana Prieto (the member of Duo Melis) and Baroque Music, Theorbo and basso continuo with Prof. Yasunori Imamura.

While studying, she worked with famous virtuosi guitarists and teachers like Zoran Dukić, Lily Afshar, Marco Socías, Liviu Georgescu, Boško Radojković, Hopkinson Smith, Carlo Marchione, Tilman Hoppstock and Lorenzo Micheli. She also got invited by many conservatories in Europe.

Since 2000, Cangökçe performed as a soloist in many international festivals, played concertos, and premiered many contemporary works. She gave live performances in TV and radio. Her performances included in two albums titled “5 Guitar Pieces” and “Rendezvous with Guitar” (Turkish: Gitarla Buluşma).

Some of her performances as soloist include: A. Vivaldi Guitar Concerto in D, RV 93 (2009, accompanied by AGSLM orchestra, conductor: K. Özal); Malcolm Arnold Guitar Concerto (2010, accompanied with piano); J. Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez (2012, accompanied by AGSLM orchestra, conductor: K. Özal) and Ç. Bilgin Guitar Concerto (accompanied by Orchestra Ankara, conductor: A. Cedrone).

Some festivals she participated in include:

  • 2000: Samsun Guitar Festival (1st edition)
  • 2001: Ankara Polyphonic Choirs Festival
  • 2006: 1st Turkey Guitar Meeting in Ankara
  • 2006: Istanbul VII. YTU Guitar Festival
  • 2006: Bucharest International Festival of Young Guitar “Eduard Pamfil”
  • 2007: 2nd Turkey Guitar Meeting in Ankara
  • 2007: Istanbul VIII. YTU Guitar Festival
  • 2010: 4th Turkey Guitar Meeting in Ankara
  • 2012: Bilkent VI. Turkey Guitar Meeting (Turkish composers concert / Album recording)
  • 2014: Bilkent VII. Turkey Guitar Meeting (Young Virtuosi Concert)
  • 2016: Bilkent X. Turkey Guitar Meeting

She also studied Turkish classical music.

In 2015, she made guitar arrangements of many baroque arias from theorbo and worked with many opera singers. Her Baroque arias project is still under development.

Cangökçe also works as an academician since 2010 at Trakya University State Conservatory. She became Associate Professor in 2017.


Ombre de mon amant (French)

Ombre de mon amant, ombre toujours plaintive,
Hélas! que voulez-vous! je meurs.
Soyez un moment attentive
Au funeste récit de mes vives douleurs.
C’est sur cette fatale rive
Que j’ay veu vostre sang couler avec mes pleurs.
Rien ne peut arrester mon ame fugitive,
Je cède à mes cruels malheurs.
Ombre de mon amant, ombre toujours plaintive,
Hélas! que voulez-vous? je meurs.

English translation: Shadow of my beloved

Shadow of my beloved, always moaning,
Alas! What do you wish? I’m dying.
Pay attention for a moment
to the report of my intense pains.
Here at this fatal bank
I’ve seen your blood flowing with my tears.
Nothing can stop my escaping soul,
I’m giving in to my cruel misfortunes.
Shadow of my beloved, always moaning,
alas! What do you wish? I’m dying.

Michel Lambert (1610 – 29 June 1696) was a French baroque-era singing master, theorbist, ballet dancer and composer. He was the most prolific composer of tunes in the second half of the seventeenth century. Lambert’s role as a singing master and composer of dramatic airs contributed to the creation of the French opera.


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