Plácido Domingo & José Carreras sing “Non Ti Scordar di Me (Don’t Forget About Me)”, for a tribute to their friend Luciano Pavarotti. Prague Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Eugene Kochn.

One Amazing Weekend in Petra – Tribute to Luciano Pavarotti
Plácido Domingo & José Carreras – Non Ti Scordar di Me
Prague Filarmonic Orchestra
Conductor- Eugene Kochn

In the beginning, Carreras says: “Ladies and gentlemen, the next song, Plácido and myself would love to dedicate it to our beloved friend, Luciano Pavarotti”.

Non Ti Scordar di Me (Don’t Forget About Me)

Non Ti Scordar di Me (Don’t Forget About Me) is a song composed by the Italian composer Ernesto De Curtis (October 4, 1875- December 31, 1937). It was originally written for the legendary Italian tenor Beniamino Gigli (March 20, 1890 – November 30, 1957), who sang it in his 1935 film of the same name.

Non Ti Scordar di Me Lyrics

Italian: Non Ti Scordar di Me

Partirono le rondini dal mio paese
freddo e senza sole,
cercando primavere di viole,
nidi d’amore e di felicita.
La mia piccola rondine parti
senza lasciarmi un bacio,
senza un addio parti.
Non ti scordar di me:
la vita mia legata e a te.
Io t’amo sempre piu,
nel sogno mio rimani tu.
Non ti scordar di me:
la vita mia legata e a te.
C’e sempre un nido nel mio cor per te.
Non ti scordar di me!

Non ti scordar di me!

English translation: Don’t forget about me

The swallows left
From my cold and sunless country,
Searching for Springs full of violets
And lovely and happy nests.
My little swallow left
Without leaving me a kiss
She left without a goodbye

Don’t forget about me:
My life is tied to you
I love you more and more
In my dream, you stay

Don’t forget about me
My life is tied to you
There’s always a nest
In my heart for you

Don’t forget about me!

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