Hora Staccato

Hora Staccato is a short, very fast violin piece in a Romanian hora style, composed by Romanian composer and violinist or violin virtuoso Grigoraș Dinicu. It is Dinicu’s most famous and often-played virtuoso violin showpiece. Dinicu is widely regarded as one of the greatest violinists ever. Hora Staccato requires an exceptional command of both upbow […]

Dmitri Hvorostovsky sings Ochi Chyornye (Dark Eyes)

Dmitri Hvorostovsky sings Ochi Chyornye (Dark Eyes), a very famous Russian-Ukrainian folk song. Live in Japan, 2005. Ochi Chyornye (Dark Eyes) is probably the most famous Russian romance. The lyrics of the song were written by the Ukrainian poet and writer Yevhen (Evgeny) Hrebinka]. The first publication of the poem was in Hrebinka’s own Russian […]

Tumbalalaika – Naftali Herstik, Alberto Mizrahi, Benzion Miller with the Neimah Singers

Three famous chazzans (cantors) Notes 1, Naftali Herstik, Alberto Mizrahi, Benzion Miller with the Neimah Singers sing Tumbalalaika. From the concert “Cantors; A Faith in Song” recorded in the Portuguese Synagogue of Amsterdam in 2003.

Eliot Fisk & Paco Peña (NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert)

Two masters of the guitar – Eliot Fisk, a great classical guitarist, and Paco Peña, one of the greatest flamenco guitarists ever. In a tiny concert presented by NPR Music, they’re playing two classical and two flamenco pieces. The repertoire here ranges from Baroque compositions by Bach and Domenico Scarlatti to present-day flamenco. And what […]

Juan Diego Flórez sings Granada

Peruvian operatic tenor Juan Diego Flórez sings Granada, the famous Mexican song written in 1932 by Agustín Lara. The song is about the Spanish city of Granada, the capital of the province of Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain; and has become a “standard” in music repertoire.