Celtic Music for Harp, Flutes, Oboe, Violin and Orchestra

Two beautiful Celtic pieces for Harp, Flutes, Oboe, Violin and Orchestra: it is played in Kazan (the capital and largest city of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia). Natalia Antonova (harp), Venera Porfirieva (flutes), Eugene Sidorov (oboe), Lilya Akhmetova (violin). Conductor: Anna Gulishambarova. Just close your eyes and listen…

I don’t know the name of the first piece, but the second piece is a very popular Breton “An Dro”. Breton is a Celtic language spoken in Brittany (French: Bretagne), a Celtic region in western France. An dro, also known as “en dro” (Breton: “The Turn”) is a Breton folk dance in 4/4. It is a form of a circle dance.


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  1. musica dolcissima


    just close your eyes and listen
    chiudi semplicemente gli occhi ed ascolta

    fa sognare

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