Accompanied by the Japan Shinsei Symphony Orchestra, the legendary Ukrainian-born Soviet classical pianist Sviatoslav Richter performs Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 5 in D major, K. 175. Composed in 1773, when he was only 17 year-old, the piece is Mozart’s first fully original piano concerto (his previous efforts were based on works by other composers). Conductor: Rudolf Barshai (1924-2010), Soviet and Russian conductor and violist. Recorded in March 1993.

This concerto was a favorite of Mozart’s and is mentioned in many of his letters. He played the piece at concerts until the year of his death. (Hutchings, A. 1997. A Companion to Mozart’s Piano Concertos, Oxford University Press)

The work is scored for 2 oboes, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, timpani, and strings and was the only concerto with trumpets and timpani until No. 10, K. 365. The second movement omits the trumpets and timpani. There are three movements:

  1. Allegro
  2. Andante ma un poco adagio (in G major)
  3. Rondo: Allegro


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