The great American tenor and Hollywood star of Italian origin, Mario Lanza sings “Because”, a song with music and lyrics by the French composer Guy d’Hardelot (1858-1936) and English lyrics by the English lyricist Edward Teschemacher (1876-1940), originally published in 1902. An excerpt from the 1951 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film “The Great Caruso”, starring Mario Lanza as the great Italian tenor Enrico Caruso.

Mario Lanza sings “Because” [From The Great Caruso]

“Because” is a romantic and expressive piece that has been interpreted by various artists, but Lanza’s rendition is particularly noteworthy. The song’s lyrics explore themes of love and longing, and Lanza’s delivery adds a layer of passion and sincerity, making it a timeless classic.

Lanza’s interpretation of “Because” often resonates with audiences due to his impeccable vocal control, rich tone, and the emotional depth he brings to the performance. His ability to convey the meaning behind the lyrics elevates the song to a poignant and memorable experience for listeners.

Because lyrics


Because, you come to me,
with naught save love,
and hold my hand and lift mine eyes above,
a wider world of hope and joy I see,
because you come to me!

Because you speak to me in accent sweet,
I find the roses waking ’round my feet,
and I am led through tears and joy to thee,
because you speak to me!

Because God made thee mine, § I’ll cherish thee,
through light and darkness through all time to be,
and pray His love may make our love divine,
because God made thee mine!


Quand j’entends tes pas
Comme en un rêve
La folle espoir de te revoir s’élève
Et vainement vers toi je tends le bras
Quand j’entends tes pas

Et quand divinement ta voix m’enchaine
Je vois s’évanouir tout ma peine
Et tout ton être chante et vive en moi
Quand j’entends ta voix

Et puis tu viens à moi et je frissonne
Tu prends ma main et tout mon cœur se donne
A toi en un baiser brûlant d’émoi
Quand j’entends ta voix


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