Early music ensemble Musica Gloria performs Georg Friedrich Händel’s Oboe Concerto No. 3 in G minor (HWV 287), a beautiful piece showcasing the oboe’s expressive qualities. Soloist (oboe): Nele Vertommen.

Early music ensemble Musica Gloria performs Georg Friedrich Händel’s Oboe Concerto No. 3 in G minor (HWV 287), a beautiful piece showcasing the oboe’s expressive qualities.

Musica Gloria

  • Nele Vertommen – Baroque oboe
  • Elise Dupont & Daria Spiridonova – violin
  • Lena Rademann – viola
  • Evan Buttar – cello
  • Giulio Quirici – theorbo
  • Beniamino Paganini – claviorganum (built by Markus Harder-Völlkmann in 2002)

Georg Friedrich Händel’s Oboe Concerto No. 3

Georg Friedrich Händel‘s Oboe Concerto in G minor, HWV 287, is a captivating musical composition that beautifully showcases the expressive qualities of the oboe. With its lush melodies, room for ornamentation, and dynamic interplay between the soloist and orchestra, this concerto invites listeners on an evocative journey filled with a range of emotions and musical brilliance.

The piece demonstrates the composer’s exploration of the relatively new French oboe. Composed by George Frideric Handel for oboe, orchestra, and basso continuo, it was likely written in 1704-1705 when Handel was in Hamburg. First published in Leipzig in 1863 from unknown sources, it was described as a work from 1703.

The concerto opens with a “Grave” movement featuring a characteristically dotted rhythm in the French style, setting a solemn and stately tone.

This is followed by an “Allegro,” which is energetic and lively, showcasing the intricate contrapuntal interplay between the oboe and orchestra.

The third movement, “Largo,” takes the form of a sarabande, offering a graceful and dignified dance-like quality that highlights the oboe’s lyrical capabilities.

The final “Allegro” revisits themes from the first movement in a sprightly and vigorous dialogue between the solo oboe and the accompanying instruments, bringing the concerto to a vibrant and exciting conclusion.

Musica Gloria

Musica Gloria is a dynamic baroque ensemble founded by Beniamino Paganini and Nele Vertommen, specializing in early music performed on historical instruments or their replicas. The ensemble strives to present historically informed performances that are lively and affective. Their repertoire spans the Baroque era, from well-known to obscure works, and they are committed to delivering balanced and well-crafted programs.

Musica Gloria’s ensemble size varies from two to over forty musicians, depending on the project. They emphasize an approach rooted in respect and responsibility towards the music, musicians, audience, and environment. The ensemble enjoys a robust following, performing around thirty concerts annually at prestigious venues such as AMUZ, BachFest Leipzig, BOZAR, Concertgebouw Brugge, and more.

Besides live performances, Musica Gloria has an active recording presence, with several video recordings on YouTube and five CDs, including “Corelli & Handel: Encounters in Rome” (2023), “The Bachs & The Flute” (2022), “Fasch’s Oboe,” and two CDs featuring selections from their YouTube publications (2021 & 2023). These recordings have garnered positive feedback globally from listeners, radio stations, TV stations, and critics, earning accolades such as 5 Diapasons, 10/10 in Luister, and Disque du jour on Radio France.

The ensemble was founded in Bruges in 2006 by a then-12-year-old Beniamino Paganini. Initially, it comprised about 20 children and young people who captivated audiences with baroque Christmas concerts. After being selected for fringe concerts at the MA Festival in Bruges and the Early Music Festival in Utrecht in 2014, Musica Gloria transitioned into a professional ensemble. Their development was further supported by various projects, ranging from small ensembles to full orchestral arrangements and vocal-instrumental collaborations.


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