“Entr’acte” is a beautiful wooden sculpture created by the Russian sculptor Yuri Firsanov. It is a piece of art-works collection “Associations”. Year Created: 2000. Now the exceptional work is owned by a private Russian collector.

ENTR'ACTE by Yuri Firsanov
ENTR’ACTE by Yuri Firsanov
ENTR'ACTE by Yuri Firsanov
“Entr’acte” by the Russian sculptor Yuri Firsanov (side view)

Material: caucasian walnut (natural wood).

Height: 50 cm.
Width: 19 cm.
Length: 26 cm.

Read more on mfirsanov.deviantart.com

A short video of the sculpture:

Piece of art-works collection “Associations” made by Yuri Firsanov (Russia). Work named “Entr’acte”.
M. Özgür Nevres

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