Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 27 [Menahem Pressler]

Accompanied by the Orchestre de Paris, German-born Israeli-American pianist Menahem Pressler performs Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 27 in B-flat major, K. 595. Conductor: Paavo Järvi. Recorded on October 17, 2012, just before Pressler’s 90th birthday. Pressler passed away on May 6, 2023, aged 99.

Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 4 [Noa Wildschut]

Accompanied by the Concertgebouw Kamerorkest (Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra), the Dutch violinist Noa Wildschut performs Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 4 in D major, K. 218. As an encore, Wildschut plays the third movement from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Violin Sonata No.2 in A minor, BWV 1003. Recorded during the Sunday Morning Concert on October 13, …

Mozart: Symphony No. 28 [Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, François Leleux]

Conducted by François Leleux, the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra performs Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 28 in C major, K. 200/189k. The exact composition date of the symphony is unknown, but it is one of Mozart’s Salzburg-era symphonies (1771-1777). It was probably composed in 1773 or 1774.

Mozart: Flute Concerto in D Major [Henrik Wiese]

Accompanied by the CHAARTS Chamber Artists, German flutist Henrik Wiese performs Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Flute Concerto in D major, K.314/285d (“No.2”). Leader: Robin Peter Müller (violin). Special guest: Sebastian Manz (clarinet). This performance was recorded during the Festival Boswiler Sommer on July 6, 2017.

Mozart: Symphony No. 38 “Prague” [hr-Sinfonieorchester, Philippe Herreweghe]

Conducted by the Belgian conductor and choirmaster Philippe Herreweghe, the hr-Sinfonieorchester (Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra) performs Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 38 in D major, K. 504. Recorded at the hr-Sendesaal Frankfurt on December 3, 2021. The piece, composed in 1786, is popularly known as the Prague Symphony, because it was premiered in Prague on …