Conducted by Eugen Jochum, the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra plays Austrian romantic era composer Anton Bruckner’s (4 September 1824 – 11 October 1896) Symphony No. 9 in D minor. Recorded in December 1983.

Anton Bruckner: Sinfonie Nr. 9 d-Moll (WAB 109), Symphony No 9 D minor. Eugen Jochum conducts the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No 9 D minor

It was the last symphony upon which Bruckner worked and he left the last movement incomplete at the time of his death in 1896. The symphony was premiered under Ferdinand Löwe in Vienna in 1903, after Bruckner’s death. Bruckner dedicated this symphony “to the beloved God” (in German, “dem lieben Gott”).

The symphony has four movements, although the fourth is incomplete and fragmentary. In this finale, it seems that much material in the full score may have been lost very soon after the composer’s death, and therefore some of the lost sections in the full score survived only in two-to-four-stave sketch format. The placement of the Scherzo (see notes 1) second, and the key, D minor, are only two elements this work has in common with Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.

The wour movements are (the finale is incomplete and fragmentary):

  1. Feierlich, misterioso (D minor)
  2. Scherzo: Bewegt, lebhaft (D minor); Trio. Schnell (F sharp major)
  3. Adagio: Langsam, feierlich (E major)
  4. Finale: Misterioso, nicht schnell (D minor, incomplete)

Eugen Jochum (1 November 1902 – 26 March 1987) was an eminent German conductor. He was best known for his interpretations of the music of Anton Bruckner, Carl Orff, and Johannes Brahms, among others.


  1. A scherzo (plural scherzos or scherzi) is a piece of music, often a movement from a larger piece such as a symphony or a sonata.


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