Georgian classical guitarist Gvaneta Betaneli plays Agustín Barrios Mangoré’s Vals Op. 8, No. 4 on a 2016 Roy Fankhänel guitar.

Gvaneta Betaneli plays Agustín Barrios Mangoré’s Vals Op. 8, No. 4 on a 2016 Roy Fankhänel guitar.

Agustín Barrios Mangoré’s Vals Op. 8, No. 4

Agustín Barrios Mangoré, a Paraguayan classical guitarist and composer, created the Vals Op. 8, No. 4, as part of his significant contributions to the classical guitar repertoire. This piece, embodying the waltz genre, is known for its romantic and expressive character, showcasing Barrios’s blend of South American folk influences and classical European traditions.

The composition features intricate fingerpicking, demanding a high level of technical proficiency from the performer. Its melodic lines are both lyrical and rhythmically dynamic, offering a harmonious balance between technical complexity and musical expressiveness.

The Vals Op. 8, No. 4 is admired for its emotional depth and remains a favorite among classical guitarists, often performed in recitals and recordings due to its captivating charm and technical challenges. This piece not only reflects Barrios’s mastery as a composer but also serves as a testament to his innovative contributions to classical guitar literature.

Gvaneta Betaneli

Gvantsa (Gvaneta) Betaneli is a Georgian classical guitarist and winner of numerous national and international competitions.

Gvaneta was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. She began studying guitar at the age of three under the guidance of her father Ferdinand Betaneli. Already 5 years old she played her first solo concert. At the age of 13, she successfully participated in a competition and became a soloist of the State Philarmonic of Georgia.

Gvaneta graduated with honors from the musical gymnasium of Tbilisi State Conservatoire (Central Music School for musically talented kids). At the age of 16, she became the youngest student at Tbilisi State Conservatoire, where she received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, both with the highest scores.

Gvaneta Betaneli plays Agustín Barrios Mangoré Vals Op. 8, No. 4 on a 2016 Roy Fankhänel guitar.
Gvaneta Betaneli plays Agustín Barrios Mangoré’s Vals Op. 8, No. 4 on a 2016 Roy Fankhänel guitar.

In 2011 Gvaneta gained a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship to continue her studies at the University of Music and Performing Art Frankfurt am Main, Germany (HfMDK Frankfurt).

She also graduated from HfMDK and got her KA Diplom as well as Master’s degree, both with best marks.

During her studies in Georgia, Gvaneta gained five times in succession scholarship of Georgian President, which was one of the most important awards for students in the country.

In Germany, she has been supported by a DAAD scholarship four times. Among them three times she was awarded a semester scholarship prize for the best foreign student “DAAD STIBET III” in 2013, 2014, and 2016.

In 2018 Gvaneta won the audition in Frankfurt am Main and was awarded another prestigious scholarship of Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now e.V foundation. During the next several years she gave numerous concerts as a Scholarship holder of Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now e.V, in different cities in Germany.

Gvaneta also has been participating and getting prizes in national and international competitions.

Awards on competitions:

  • 2nd prize at the 2nd International Guitar Competition Bale-Valle “Live Guitar” (Bale, Croatia)
  • 1st prize at the 10th international guitar competition “Guitar Renaissance” (Gomel, Belarus)
  • 2nd prize at the 1st Tbilisi International Guitar Competition (Tbilisi, Georgia)
  • 2nd prize at the 2nd national classical guitar competition (Tbilisi, Georgia)
  • 1st prize at the 3rd International Competition of Musician Performers “Renaissance” (Gyumri, Armenia)

Starting from the early years Gvaneta performed in many concert venues in Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Spain, France, and Costa Rica. Gvaneta has been participating in international charity concerts, and festivals and giving master classes.

She also received awards for her international concert tours. In 2010 she was awarded with special diploma of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia for her special contribution to cultural relations between the two countries. In 2017 she received a special diploma from the municipality of Cartama (Spain) for her concert tour in Spain.

Besides her solo career, Gvaneta often plays chamber music. She performs lots of concerts as a member of Duos, Trios, and different ensembles.

Gvaneta collaborates and records regularly videos with the guitar salon Siccas Guitars (Karlsruhe, Germany).

In 2023 Gvaneta started collaboration with Altamira Guitars and recorded for their Social Media channel Altamira Home Concert.

Along with a performing career, a young guitarist is also an avid teacher. Already 10 years she has been a pedagogue of guitar at one of the biggest and most prestigious music schools in Germany – Frankfurt State Music School (Musikschule Frankfurt am Main e.V).

Gvaneta spends her free time by reading books, writing prose, essays, and small books about music and art. She has written one essay and several books, out of them one is in the Georgian language.

Gvaneta’s other big hobby is photography.


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