The early music ensemble L’Arpeggiata and Italian tenor Marco Beasley perform XVII century anonymous song La Carpinese, from the 2002 album “La Tarantella”. Dancer: Anna Dego. Conductor: Christina Pluhar. Live performance at Versailles, 2004.

L’Arpeggiata and Marco Beasley perform “La Carpinese”. Versailles, 2004

Marco Beasley – tenor
Anna Dego – dance
Christina Pluhar – theorbo
Eero Palviainen – archlute
Paulina van Laarhoven – viola da gamba
Marcello Vitale – baroque guitar
Richard Myron – bass
Elisabeth Seitz – psaltery
Michèle Claude – percussion

L’Arpeggiata is a European early music group led by Christina Pluhar and founded by her in 2000. The group has presented both traditional early music and also several collaged and themed performances and recordings.

La Carpinese Lyrics

Pigliatella la palella e ve’ pe foco
Va alla casa di lu ‘nnamurate
Pìjate du’ ore de passa joco

Si mama si n’addonde di chieste joco
Dille ca so’ state faielle de foco
Vule, die a lae, chelle che vo la femmena fa

Luce lu sole quanne è buone tiempo
Luce lu pettu tuo donna galante
In pettu li tieni dui pugnoli d’argentu

Chi li tocchi belli ci fa santu
Chi li le tocchi ije ca so’ l’amante
Im’ paradise ci ne iamme certamente
Vule, die a lae, chelle che vo la femmena fa

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