Accompanied by the period-instrument ensemble Accordone, Italian tenor Marco Beasley performs 17th and 18th-century Italian arias, primarily late-Renaissance works from various composers. They were popular songs of the time that often competed with opera in terms of popularity and success. From La Bella Noeva (English: The Good One), an album published in 2003. During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, music circulated essentially in the form of manuscript copies, and popular songs often sided with opera arias. Marco Beasley and Accordone bring back to life the everyday practice of that period.

La Bella Noeva: Monteverdi, Alessandro Grandi, Giovanni Stefani & Marco Beasley (Ensemble Accordone)


The programme includes one of Marco Beasley’s own compositions, “Tarantella Primma, Siconna E Terza”, a highly spirited Tarentella that today sounds as stylistically fitting as if it had been written 500 years ago.

  1. 1:28 Giulio Caccini – Udite amanti
  2. 9:22 Giulio Caccini – Amarilli
  3. 14:31 Biagio Marini – Amante lontano dalla sua donna
  4. 18:05 Claudio Monteverdi – Si Dolce èl tormento
  5. 22:03 Giovanni Stefani – Amante felice
  6. 26:30 Alessandro Grandi – O quam tu pulchra es
  7. 30:32 Guido Morini – Concerto spirituale
  8. 34:45 Claudio Monteverdi – Laudate Dominum
  9. 38:32 Accordone – Alleluja: omnis spiritus laudet Dominum
  10. 42:13 Marco Beasley – Tarantella Primma, siconna e terza
  11. 46:55 Anonimo – La bella noeva
  12. 56:08 Giuseppe Porsile & Guido Morini – La cantata sopra l`arcicalascione
  13. 1:03:56 Giuseppe Di Vittorio – Sona ´a battenti
  14. 1:09:59 Giovanni Capurro & Eduardo Di Capua – O sole mio


Guido Morini (Harpsichord, Organ), Rossella Croce (Violin), Elisa Citterio (Violin), Marco Frezzato (Cello), Franco Pavan (Theorbo, Agogô) and Stefano Rocco (Lute -Archiluth-, Guitar -Baroque Guitare-)

Ensemble Accordone conducted by Guido Morini.

Ensemble Accordone

La Bella Noeva: Accordone
Ensemble Accordone

Guido Morini founded Accordone in 1984 – together with tenor Marco Beasley and lute-player Stefano Rocco – motivated by a great passion for the Baroque musical literature, for original instruments, and for a new musicological approach to the questions of interpretation. At the heart of his work is Italian music between the 16th and the 18th centuries.

Guido Morini’s profound knowledge of instrumental, improvisational, and compositional questions makes Accordone a unique ensemble on the European scene: inspired by the values, poetics and capabilities of early musicians, Accordone paves a new path in interpretation. With vitality and competence, they introduce large audiences to still underperformed repertory. Particular attention is paid to the theatrical element: the concert is transformed from a mere container of musical pieces into a musical and dramaturgical event, often based on a theme or story.

Accordone combines the interpretation of past musical literature with the performance of new works composed by Guido Morini, thus creating new repertory for their concert activity and fusing the cultural legacy from the Renaissance and the Baroque period with the present day.

Accordone regularly appears in concert at the most prestigious musical institutions: Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Wiener Konzerthaus, Auditorio Nacional (Madrid), Accademia di S.Cecilia (Rome), Mozarteum (Salzburg), Bozar (Brussels), Tokyo Summer Festival, Israel Festival, Festival van Vlaanderen, Utrecht Oude Muziek, Bruges, Innsbruck, de Bijloke (Gand), DeSingel (Antwerpen).
Accordone is regularly broadcasted by the most important European radio stations. The ensemble has also made a number of CD recordings and presently collaborates with the French label Alpha.

Marco Beasley

La Bella Noeva: Marco Beasley
Marco Beasley

Marco Beasley (born Naples, 1957) is an Italian tenor, voice-actor and musicologist.

With composer and harpsichordist Guido Morini, Beasley was one of the three founding members of the Accordone early music ensemble in 1984; Stefano Rocco was later replaced by violinist Enrico Gatti. Beasley is a notable advocate in baroque performance practice for the revival of the recitar cantando of baroque Italy and the frottole of Naples, though his “folk” touches are not equally appreciated by all classical music critics.

Beasley sang the lead role of the Ancient Mariner in Luca Francesconi’s opera Ballata at the Leipzig Opera in 2002.

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