One of the leading operatic tenors of the 20th century, Jussi Björling sings Till Havs (English: at sea). It is originally a poem by the Finnish-Swedish poet Jonathan Reuter, the opening words “Smokey and the ocean’s healthy wind”. In 1922, the song set to music by the Swedish composer Gustaf Nordqvist (born 12 February 1886 in Stockholm, Sweden, dead 28 January 1949 in Stockholm, Sweden) as part of the “Three Songs” for solo voice and piano or orchestra. The song was one of Jussi Björling’s showpieces.

The video below is from Björling’s movie “Resan till dig” (English: The Journey to You), a 1953 Swedish comedy film directed by Stig Olin. It is recorded from Swedish TV, restored and repitched. Royal Orchestra conducted by Sune Waldimir, September 27, 1953.

M. Özgür Nevres

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