French countertenor Philippe Jaroussky sings Antonio Vivaldi’s “Vedrò con mio diletto” (English: I will see with joy) on French TV on February 28th, 2007. Later on that evening, he is awarded the 2007 best French lyrical artist.

On February 28th, Philippe Jaroussky sings a Vivaldi aria, with that angelic & amazing voice.
Later on that evening, he is awarded the 2007 best French lyrical artist.

Vedrò con mio diletto is an aria from Antonio Vivaldi’s 1724 opera Giustino to a libretto by Nicolò Beregan (1627-1713), an Italian nobleman, lawyer and amateur opera librettist.

It has become a famous piece sung at concerts and on recordings by countertenors such as Philippe Jaroussky and Jakub Józef Orliński and by contraltos such as Sonia Prina.

Vedrò con mio diletto Lyrics

Vedrò con mio diletto

Vedrò con mio diletto
l’alma dell’alma mia
Il core del mio cor pien di contento.
E se dal caro oggetto
lungi convien che sia
Sospirerò penando ogni momento…

I will see with joy

I will see with joy,
the soul of my soul
heart of my heart full of content.
And if from my dear object
I will be far away
I’ll be sighing, suffering every moment…


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