San Francisco-based early music ensemble Voices of Music and the American violinist Cynthia Miller Freivogel who specialized in both baroque and modern violin perform Antonio Vivaldi’s “Winter” from The Four Seasons. The piece was performed on original period instruments.

Vivaldi: Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op. 8, RV 297, “L’inverno” (Winter)

Vivaldi Four Seasons: “Winter” (L’Inverno), complete; Cynthia Freivogel, Voices of Music 4K RV 297


  1. Allegro non molto
  2. Largo is written in rich, five-part counterpoint in which the violins provide chordal, plucked arpeggios against a fast-moving, bowed solo cello part. In contrast, the violin sounds an expressive melody above all the different textures.
  3. Allegro

Voices of Music

Vivaldi - Four Seasons - Winter (Voices of Music)
Voices of Music

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  • Hanneke van Proosdij & David Tayler, directors
  • Maria Caswell, baroque viola, anonymous, Mittenwald, c1800
  • Cynthia Miller Freivogel, baroque violin by Johann Paul Schorn, Salzburg, Austria, 1715
  • Lisa Grodin, baroque violin by Paulo Antonio Testore, Larga di Milano, Italy, 1736
  • Katherine Heater, baroque organ by Winold van der Putten, Finsterwolde, Netherlands, 2004, after early 18th-century northern German instruments
  • Carla Moore, baroque violin by Johann Georg Thir, Vienna, Austria, 1754
  • Maxine Nemerovski, baroque violin by Timothy Johnson, Indiana, 1999 (after Stradivarius)
  • Farley Pearce, violone by George Stoppani, Manchester, 1985, after Amati, 1560
  • Hanneke van Proosdij, harpsichord
  • Elisabeth Reed, baroque cello, anonymous, 1673
  • David Tayler, archlute by Andreas von Holst, Munich, 2012
  • after Magno Tieffenbrucker, Venice, c1610
  • Tanya Tomkins, baroque cello, Lockey Hill, London, England, 1798
  • Gabrielle Wunsch, baroque violin by Lorenzo Carcassi, Florence, Italy, 1765
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