Accompanied by the Belgian instrumental ensemble Ricercar Consort, Spanish countertenor Carlos Mena performs Antonio Vivaldi’s “Nisi Dominus” for alto and orchestra, RV 608. Conductor: Philippe Pierlot.

Vivaldi: Nisi Dominus. Philippe Pierlot, Carlos Mena & Ricercar Consort
  1. Nisi Dominus (Allegro)
  2. Vanum est vobis (Largo)
  3. Surgite (Presto)
  4. Cum dederit (Andante)
  5. Sicut sagittae (Allegro)
  6. Beatus vir (Andante)
  7. Gloria Patri (Larghetto)
  8. Sicut erat in principio (Allegro)
  9. Amen (Allegro)
M. Özgür Nevres

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