Rolf Lislevand plays Santiago de Murcia – Tarantella

Norwegian concert guitarist and early music specialist Rolf Lislevand plays Tarantella by the Spanish guitarist and composer Santiago de Murcia (25 July 1673 – 25 April 1739). Lislevand is playing the Sabionari guitar here, one of the five surviving guitars made by Antonio Stradivari. It is built in 1679 and at the present time, it …

Santiago de Murcia: Prelude por la E (Baroque Guitar: Simone Vallerotonda)

Italian guitarist, theorbist, and lutenist Simone Vallerotonda performs Santiago de Murcia’s Prelude por la E, a piece dated 1714. A beautiful performance on baroque guitar.

José Miguel Moreno – The Spanish Guitar in the Renaissance and Baroque

Spanish specialist of historical plucked string instruments, such as the vihuela, lute, theorbo, and guitars; José Miguel Moreno plays pieces from the Renaissance and the Baroque era composers.