Reinhold Glière – Harp Concerto (Harp: Elizaveta Bushueva)

Moscow City Symphony “Russian Philharmonic” plays Reinhold Glière’s Concerto for Harp and Orchestra in E-flat major, Op. 74. Conductor: Sergey Tararin. Soloist (harp): Elizaveta Bushueva. Moscow International House of Music, Svetlanov Hall, February 3, 2011.

Glière wrote this concerto in 1938, sought the technical advice of the harpist Ksenia Alexandrovna Erdely (1878-1971). She made so many suggestions that he offered to credit her as co-composer, but she declined. The work was published as the work of Glière as edited by Erdely.

Ksenia Alexandrovna Erdely ( 1878, d. Mirolyubovka near Elisavetgrad – 1971, Moscow ) was a Russian and Soviet harpist, composer, and teacher. She was People’s Artist of the USSR (1966). Considered the founder of the Soviet school of playing the harp. Aunt and mentor other known harpist, Olga Erdely.

The concerto is in three movements:

  • I. Allegro moderato in E-flat major
  • II. Tema con variazioni in C-flat major
  • III. Allegro giocoso in E-flat major


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