Ellen’s Isle, Loch Katrine (Robert Seldon Duncanson)

Ellen's Isle, Loch Katrine (Robert Seldon Duncanson)

Ellen’s Isle, Loch Katrine (1871) by Robert Seldon Duncanson (1821 – December 21, 1872), the African-American painter associated with the Hudson River School. Oil on canvas. Height: 72.39 cm (28.5 in.), Width: 124.46 cm (49 in.)

Loch Katrine is a freshwater loch in the district of Stirling, Scotland. It is roughly 8 miles long by 2/3 of a mile wide and runs the length of Strath Gartney. It is a popular destination for tourists and day visitors from Glasgow and other nearby towns. The loch derives its name from the term cateran from the Gaelic ceathairne, a collective word meaning cattle thief] or possibly peasantry. Historically this referred to a band of fighting men of a clan; hence the term applied to marauders or cattle-lifters, the most notorious of whom was Rob Roy MacGregor who was born at Glengyle House at the northern end of the Loch.

It is the fictional setting of Sir Walter Scott’s poem The Lady of the Lake and of the subsequent opera by Gioachino Rossini, La donna del lago.

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