Accompanied by the Gimnazija Kranj Symphony Orchestra, the Slovenian clarinetist Nadja Drakslar performs Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Clarinet concerto in A major, K. 622. Conductor: Primož Zevnik. Recorded during the Gimnazija Kranj Great Christmas Concert, 2011.

The concerto was written in 1791, shortly before Mozart’s death, for the clarinetist and Mozart’s friend Anton Stadler (28 June 1753, Bruck an der Leitha – 15 June 1812, Vienna). It is one of Mozart’s latest works.

It consists of the usual three movements, in a fast–slow–fast form:

  1. Allegro (in A major and in sonata form)
  2. Adagio (in D major and in ternary form)
  3. Rondo: Allegro (in A major and in rondo form)
Anton Stadler
Anton Stadler (28 June 1753, Bruck an der Leitha – 15 June 1812, Vienna), the Austrian clarinet and basset horn player for whom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote, amongst others, both his Clarinet Quintet (K 581) and Clarinet Concerto (K 622).


M. Özgür Nevres

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  1. Please give more personal information on Nadja Drakslar and, if possible, more musical selections featuring her playing. She is fabulous!!

    1. I too would like to know a little more about this courageous young lady who has just 10% vision. Not only
      that nadjai has taken on board the nasty comments about her movements while playing. Nadja
      has answered her critics so lets hope that shuts them up. I am a member of a small appreciation
      group of European composers. For the first 2 years khatia buniatishvili won the title but this year
      the third we decided to put a cash value and guess who won by a mile—yes Dick Egan it was
      Nadja Drakslar. I need her e-mail address so I can forward her winnings,if you have I would be
      grateful. I am leaving mine

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