Csárdás by the Italian composer Vittorio Monti, performed on Violin (Nancy Webb) and piano (Liam Webb). Written around 1904, Monti’s piece is based on a traditional Hungarian form of folk music, and became very popular, played by almost every gypsy orchestra. Violin: Nancy Webb; piano, audio/video/editing: Liam Webb; audio, roadie, movement coach: Nathan Webb; roadie, BTS camera: Peter Webb.

The piece’s name is derived from csárda (old Hungarian term for tavern).

Vittorio Monti (6 January 1868 – 20 June 1922) was born in Naples, where he studied violin and composition at the Conservatorio di San Pietro a Majella. Around 1900 he received an assignment as the conductor for the Lamoureux Orchestra in Paris, where he wrote several ballets and operettas, for example, Noël de Pierrot. He also wrote a method for mandolin Petite Méthode pour Mandoline, 98049, in which he included some of his own works, Perle Brillante, Dans Una Gondola, and Au Petit Jour.


M. Özgür Nevres

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