Maria Callas ‘London Farewell Concert’ with Giuseppe di Stefano (1973)

Maria Callas’ “London Farewell Concert” at the Royal Festival Hall with the Italian operatic tenor Giuseppe di Stefano, 1973. They were accompanied by English pianist Ivor Newton, who was particularly noted as an accompanist to international singers and string players.


  1. Giuseppe Verdi, Don Carlos, Act II duet
  2. Édouard Lalo, de Roi D’ys, Vainement ma bien aimé (di Stefano solo)
  3. Poncinelli, La Gioconda, Suicidio (Callas solo)
  4. Georges Bizet, Carmen (duet)
  5. Pietro Mascagni, Cavalliera Rusticana, Voi lo sapete (Callas solo)
  6. Pietro Mascagni, Cavalliera Rusticana, Tu qui Stanuzza (duet)
  7. Giacomo Puccini, O Babbino caro (encore, Callas solo)

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