Accompanied by the Wiener Symphoniker (Vienna Symphony Orchestra), famous Spanish tenor José Carreras sings Paraules d’amor (English: Words of love), a song written by the Spanish singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat and Carreras himself. From “Around the World” concert recorded at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.


Paraules d’amor

Ella em va estimar tant…
Jo me l’estimo encara.
Plegats vam travessar
una porta tancada.

Ella, com us ho podré dir,
era tot el meu món llavors
quan en la llar cremàvem
només paraules d’amor…

Paraules d’amor senzilles i tendres.
No en sabíem més, teníem quinze anys.
No havíem tingut massa temps per aprendre’n,
tot just despertàvem del son dels infants.

En teníem prou amb tres frases fetes
que havíem après d’antics comediants.
D’històries d’amor, somnis de poetes,
no en sabíem més, teníem quinze anys…

Ella qui sap on és,
ella qui sap on para.
La vaig perdre i mai més
he tornat a trobar-la.

Però sovint en fer-se fosc,
de lluny m’arriba una cançó.
Velles notes, vells acords,
velles paraules d’amor…

Words of love

She loved me so much…
I still love her.
Together we went through
a closed door.

She, how I will tell you it,
she was my entire world then
when in the home we would burn
only words of love…

Words of love, simple and tender.
We didn’t know more, we were fifteen years old.
We hadn’t had enough time to learn them,
we had barely woken up from the sleep of children.

We had enough with three set phrases
that we had learned from comedians.
From love stories, poets’ dreams,
we didn’t know more, we were fifteen years old…

She who knows where she is,
she who knows where she stops.
I lost her and never again
have I returned to find her.

But often, at night fall,
from away a song arrives to me.
Old notes, old cords,
old words of love…

M. Özgür Nevres

Published by M. Özgür Nevres

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