Russian operatic baritone Dmitri Hvorostovsky sings the Russian composer Pyotr Bulakhov’s (1822 – 2 December 1885) famous song “Do not awaken memories”.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky sings “Do not awaken memories” (Bulakhov)

Lyrics (English): “Do not awaken memories”

My memories do not awaken.
Of days gone by, of days gone by.
You’ll not return, I am forsaken
My soul does cry, my soul does cry.
You’ll not return, I am forsaken
My soul does cry, my soul does cry.

Don’t cast your fateful glazes on me;
Your wicked eyes, your wicked eyes.
Don’t tempt me now with words of honey.
With empty lies, with empty lies.

When happiness comes, grasp it tightly.
Be thankful then, be thankful then.
And when the fire of love burns brightly.
We live again, we live again.

You who put out that sacred fire,
Oh, let it burn, oh, let it burn.
Those precious hours of love’s desire.
Will ne’er return, will ne’er return.

Lyrics (English transliteration): “Ne probuzhday vospominaniy”

Ne probuzhday vospominaniy
Minuvshikh dney, minuvshikh dney –
Ne vozrodit’ bylykh zhelaniy
V dushe moyey, v dushe moyey.

I na menya svoy vzor opasnyy
Ne ustremlyay, ne ustremlyay
Mechtoy lyubvi, mechtoy prekrasnoy
Ne uvlekay, ne uvlekay!

Odnazhdy schast’ye v zhizni etoy
Vkushayem my, vkushayem my,
Svyatym ognem lyubvi sogrety,
Ozhivleny, ozhivleny.

No kto yeyo ogon’ svyashchennyy
Mog pogasit’, mog pogasit’,
Tomu uzh zhizni nezabvennoy
Ne vozvratit’, ne vozvratit’!


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