Conducted by Phillip A. Swan, Lawrence Symphony Orchestra, Viking Chorale, and Cantala Concert Choir perform The Creation (German: Die Schöpfung), an oratorio written between 1797 and 1798 by Joseph Haydn (H. 21/2). It is considered by many to be the Austrian composer’s masterpiece. Soloists: Emily Birsan (soprano): Gabriel, Eva; Luke Honeck (tenor): Uriel; Evan Bravos (bass): Raphael, Adam. Recorded on April 29, 2016.


The oratorio is structured in three parts, the first dealing with the Creation of the universe and the plants, the second with the Creation of the animals, and of man and woman, and the third with Adam and Eve in Paradise, showing an idealized love in harmony with the “new world”.

  • First Part
    1. Introduction: Chaos
    2. Accompanied Recitative “In the beginning”
    3. Tenor Air & Chorus “Now vanish”
    4. Bass Recitative “And God made”
    5. Soprano Solo & Chorus “The marv’lous work”
    6. Bass Recitative “And God said”
    7. Bass Air “Rolling in Foaming Billows”
    8. Soprano Recitative “And God said”
    9. Soprano Air “With Verdure Clad”
    10. Tenor Recitative “And the Heavenly Folcks”
    11. Chorus “Awake”
    12. Tenor Recitative “And God said”
    13. Tenor Recitative “In Splendor Bright”
    14. Chrous & Trio “The Heavens are Telling”
  • Second Part
    1. Soprano Accompanied Recitative “And God said”
    2. Soprano Air “On Mighty Pens”
    3. Bass Accompanied Recitative “And God created”
    4. Trio “Most Beautiful”
    5. Chorus & Trio “The Lord is Great”
    6. Bass Accompanied Recitative “And God said”
    7. Bass Air “Now Heav’n”
    8. Tenor Recitative “And God created Man”
    9. Tenor Air “In Native Worth”
    10. Bass Recitative “And God Saw”
    11. Chorus & Trio “Achieved is the Glorious Work”
  • Third Part
    1. Tenor Accompanied Recitative “In rosy mantle”
    2. Duet & Chorus “By thee with bliss”
    3. Bass & Soprano Recitative “Our duty”
    4. Duett “Graceful consort!”
    5. Tenor Recitative “O Happy Pair”
    6. Chorus “Sing the Lord”
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